"This Social Coil" was founded in spring 2011, which actually happened by chance. While we was testing a new guitar amp, the song "Shining Target" was born. That's when we decided to initiate the project "This Social Coil".

It's hard to pinpoint a genre, I'd describe it somewhere in between Post-Rock, Shoegaze and Post-Punk.. well, I guess you just need to figure that one out for yourself. The music is defined through complex instrumentals and vocals; the lyrics often deal with typically philosophical thoughts, frequently including nature and everyday life.


  • 2017: Rising Tide
  • 2017: Black Car
  • 2016: Timelaps(e)
  • 2016: Second Life
  • 2014: Coil
  • 2012: Light In Your Eyes
  • 2012: End Without Start
  • 2011: Waves In The Dust
  • 2011: Bigger Than October
  • 2011: Shining Target


  • 2020 Empathy
  • 2018/19 Blurred Reality
  • 2016/17 Pictures
  • 2015 Time
  • 2014 After The Day Before